From abrasives to masking tapes, stain block to sugar soap, scrapers and filling knives, brushes and rollers we have a vast range of decorating tools and sundries to offer you.


As well as sandpaper, wet and dry and emery cloth we offer a professional range of abrasives such as aluminium oxide paper in most grades from fine to coarse.


Our fillers and mastics are extensive with both outdoor and indoor, DIY and professional, easy sand, quick dry and general purpose.


Masking tape comes in a variety of widths with normal or low tack varieties. Dust sheets for both DIY and professional use are available from furniture covers to heavy grade canvas in 9x12 or 12x12 sizes. We keep various sizes of bib and brace overalls and paper overalls.


Our brushes come in all sizes and several different quality types from very reasonably priced to professional quality. Fitches, cutting in brushes, wallpaper brushes, dusting brushes and masonry brushes etc. are available.


We stock a good range of rollers and trays sold as sets or singularly including refills for both emulsions and oil based paints. Radiator rollers and brushes, masonry and paint pads as well as all manner of sundries and accessories for the DIY or professional painter and decorator.





Our decorating tools and supplies are extensive with abrasives, brushes rollers and trays, fillers, scrapers etc. dust sheets, paint kettles and lining paper and paste.

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