Our extensive range of plumbing accessories include waste pipe and couplings, copper pipe and fittings, gas fittings, sundries, solvents and tap washers.

In our waste range we stock a good selection including push fit, solvent weld and universal fittings with pipe in 3mtr lengths in 1 1/4” (32mm) and 1 1/2” (38mm) sizes. All the fittings such as straight, tee, obtuse and right angle bends are available plus all other fittings such as stop ends, reducers and washing machine sets. Syphons, bottle traps, 'p' traps and bath and toilet fittings are present in our comprehensive plumbing store along with overflow pipe and fittings


Speedfit is available in 15 and 22mm with a selection of fittings and pipe.


We supply all the necessary extras to the plumbing range such as solvent cement, washers, olives, seals, 'o' rings, sealants, mastics pipe lagging, hood vents and ducting and other sundries.


In the copper range we stock 15, 22 and 28mm pipe and fittings. End feed, compression, and solder (Yorkshire) fittings are available in straight, tee, elbow, and stopend etc. Also many other fittings in all sizes for tanks, cisterns and boilers as well as stop valves, bib taps, flexy tap connection pipes, washing machine connection fittings and hoses and a certain amount of gas fittings.


In the shop we have a selection of taps, shower hoses and heads, tap washers and inserts, riser bars and shower fittings etc.


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