If it is necessary to remove a mouse or unblock a drain, do the washing up or remove the lime-scale from the kettle or just give the house a clean and polish then we have all that you will need to do it quickly and efficiently.


Our numerous assorted products to help you maintain a clean and tidy home are available in a selection of different choices. Cleaning, polishing, washing and dusting become easy with the right tools to hand. There isn't a job that we can't help you tackle with the right product.


Brooms, brushes, mops, cloths, squeegee's, dusters, refuse bags, vacuum bags, household chemicals to mention just a few of the many items that we stock to help you.


Also other items around the shop, irons, ironing boards, clothes airers, washing lines, rotary clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners any much more can be found.



Many household products fill our shelves. A product for every job around the house from cleaning and polishing to washing and drying, household maintenance to unblocking a drain.

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