Although our cookware section has not been a part of the shop for long it is growing all the time with new lines being added all the time.

We have always had a good range of electrical goods such as kettles, toasters and food processors etc. in a variety of price ranges and we have now added all the other useful items for the kitchen.

From the smallest item, a wooden spoon or a can opener to bigger items like a home ground coffee maker or a full set of crockery, we try to stock a good selection.

Our cookware section has a good selection of kitchen utensils and cutlery, kettles and toasters, crockery and condiments, cutting boards, containers, pots and pans and useful items to help make cooking an enjoyable experience.

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As well as the all new Soda Stream fizzy drinks maker, we stock a full range of their flavour syrups including sports high energy drinks and healthy children’s drinks. You can obtain the gas refills and spare bottles from us as well.